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Vasanth Sarathy is currently an attorney at the law firm of Ropes & Gray.  Vasanth got his law degree at Boston University School of Law, a masters degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at M.I.T., and a bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering at the University of Arkansas.

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A small sampling of reader comments:
"...i absolutely enjoyed your cartoons about lawyers, even though i’m an engineer. You make me laugh. Gracias por compartir tu imaginacion con nosotros, siempre disfruto tus mensajes sobre los abogados, aunque yo sea un Ingeniero….Siempre sonrio..jajaja…:):)"

"Your pictures are so true!! Shall be posting about this blog on my blog!"

"...I really have fun reading your cartoons… truly refreshing!!! I think ur cartoons rank a very very close second to calvin and hobbes on my fav list!!!"

"Complete accident that I found this – but love it. I’m a recent grad – fun to be able to look back now and see the humor in it all. Thanks for the great posts!"